Friday, 5 August 2016

Taking a break

Taking a break

Even though I've just started my blog, I took a break. 
Quite a long break, over a week long which is a pretty long time, but don't worry I haven't gave up on my blog, instead I went camping for five days and have been trying to catch up on sleep ever since.
Over my break I've been thinking about breaks, and how just taking a short break can do the world of good, it lets you think over things, it lets you plan and figure things out and is helpful in everyway.
Whether you take a break as in going on a sun holiday (lucky) or just staying at home for a day or two. I promise that break will do the world of good.

Although this a very short blogpost, my advice for you this week is to take some time out whether it's an hour in the bath or staying at home a full day and stuffing your face with pizza, just chill. :) 


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